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bread pizza recipe
bread pizza recipe without an oven or microwave

Bread Pizza Recipe at home without Oven or Microwave

We are going to make bread pizza at home without an oven or microwave. This is a very tasty bread pizza. It tastes like pizza. A very tasty recipe for your kids you can pack this for kids lunch or can cook at breakfast for kids or the whole family.

How it taste?

Well if you use the right amount of cheese it gets the perfect taste. Bread pizza gives the taste of every ingredient we use. Rich in taste and not so spicy but very yummy.

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Bread Pizza Recipe in Urdu

We will use the following ingredients:

onion 1 small size

garlic 2-3 finely chopped

chilli flakes 1\2tsp

black pepper powder 1\2 tsp

garlic powder 1\2tsp

white pepper powder 1\2tsp

salt 1\2 tsp or to taste

butter 1tbsp

bread crumbs 1 cup

maida 2-3 tbsp

mozzarella cheese 1 cup

chicken 1\2 cup

milk 1 cup

macaroni 1 packet

egg 1

How we will cook this bread pizza recipe:

First of all, take bread crumbs in a bowl. Then add chilli flakes and garlic powder in it. On the other side beat the egg in a bowl. Take a piece of chicken, dip it in the beaten egg and then dip it into bread crumbs so that the bread crumbs could completely stick on the chicken pieces. Heat oil in the pan and fry all the chicken pieces until golden brown. Chunky chicken is ready now. Heat another pan and add butter garlic and onion in it and fry for few seconds. Add maida and milk and whisk it very well. Then add black pepper, salt, white pepper and mozzarella cheese and mix it well. Now at last ad boiled macaroni and chunky chicken in it and mix it. Our chunky chicken white sauce macaroni is ready.

Enjoy the recipe.

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