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Chicken Malai Boti Recipe Creamy tikka recipe

Chicken Malai Boti is a very tasty and delicious recipe. It is spicy and creamy. You will have a taste of tikka and creamy malai boti at the same. Here we will share chicken malai boti recipe with you.

You can watch the video here.

Chicken Half Kg
Cream 200ml
Chilli Flakes Half teaspoon
White Pepper Half spoon
Black Pepper Half spoon
Garlic Powder Half spoon
Ginger Garlic Paste Half spoon
Green Chilli Paste One spoon
Mint and coriander paste One spoon
Cumin One Spoon

Chicken malai boti cooking method
To make chicken malai boti. Take one bowl and add chicken in it. Add cream and garlic powder in it. Add black pepper, Chilli flakes, white pepper, ginger garlic paste, garlic powder, Mint and coriander paste and cumin according to the quantity mentioned above. Add salt according to your taste if you like more salty then add more then 1 spoon of salt. After adding all this ingredients mix well. Marinate it for two hours in the refrigerator. By this process, the paste will be completely mixed in the chicken and you will get a perfect taste.

After two hours take a stick you will get this stick easily from any shop. Take one chicken piece and insert it into stick you can insert 4 chicken pieces in one stick.

Take a pan and add butter on it. Now add chicken sticks on a pan and let them cook. Cover it for two minutes after two minutes change the sides of chicken sticks.

Tasty and delicious malai boti is ready. You can eat it with Naan and Mint chutney for better taste.

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