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Chicken Shashlik Noodles Recipe In Urdu | Chicken Shashlik Recipe By Desi Foodaholic

Chicken shashlik noodles are the most delicious and tasty. It has both combinations of both Chinese and Pakistani touch. You will enjoy eating this chicken shashlik noodles. Equally good for every age group

Chicken Shashlik Noodles Recipe

Chicken 500 grams

Cream 2 tbsp

Lemon Juice 1 tbsp

Black pepper 1 tbsp

Salt to taste

Garlic powder

Zeera powder 1 tsp

Chilli sauce 1 tsp

Soya sauce 1 tbsp

Vinegar 1 tbsp

To make noodels

Oil 2 tbsp

Chopped Garllic

Green Chilli 1-2

Onion 1



Chicken cube 1

Black pepper powder 1/2 tsp

Garllic powder 1 tsp

Cumin powder 1 tsp

Maggi masla


And noodles

Now we will prepare chicken shashlik. Take a bowl and add Chicken, Cream, Lemon Juice, Black pepper, Salt to taste, Garlic powder, Zeera powder, Chilli sauce, Soya sauce, Vinegar. After adding all this mix them properly. And marinate it for almost 45 minutes.

Taka a pan and add oil in it. Pre heat the oil. Take the chicken and add stick now on stick add chicken than capcicum and tha onion. Now place them in pan and cook them properly. When one side is cooked, change the side. Chicken shashlik is ready now we will make noodels.

To make noodels we need add 2 tbsp of oil and add chopped garllic in it and Green chilli, onion now cook them properly. Now we will add some vegetables. It’s upto you if you want to add or not. We will add cabbage, and capscicum in it, Cabbage, Capscicum, Chicken cube, Black pepper powder, Garllic powder, Cumin powder, Maggi masla, Coriander, And noodles.

Chicken shashlik noodels is ready. For more pakistani, indian, chines recipes please subscibe to our channel.

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