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Harvard University Researchers claim that 70% of Earth Population will be affected by the corona virus

Apparently difficult to contain, the Coronavirus has cleared across 125 nations and domains since it originally broke out in Wuhan, China, toward the finish of a year ago.

As indicated by the most recent reports, COVID-19 (as the infection strain is usually known) has contaminated almost 134,769 individuals and executed 4,983 individuals.

Italy and Iran remain the most influenced nations with 1,016 and 429 passings separately outside China, the focal point of the illness.

Remembering the ever-falling apart circumstance, the World Health Organization has proclaimed the COVID-19 episode as a pandemic. In any case, disease transmission specialists at Harvard University have anticipated that the quantity of contaminations and passings is nothing contrasted with what will occur in months to come.

Specialists have asserted that about 70% of the total populace will get the Coronavirus and that 1% of the whole populace is anticipated to bite the dust from the burden.

Marc Lipsitch, Director of the Center for Communicable Disease Dynamics at Harvard University, says that it is difficult to stop the episode of Coronavirus now.

Lipsitch states that Coronavirus is around multiple times greater than SARS and MERS that broke out in 2003 and 2012 individually. COVID-19 is far more common than SARS and MERS now.

The best way to contain the episode of Coronavirus is to keep away from human-to-human contact however much as could reasonably be expected. A wide range of open social occasions ought to be banned either by legitimate specialists or willfully.

Despite the ruin this ailment will unleash, it would not be sufficient to push down mankind to the edge of total collapse however things will stay horrendous for some time, disease transmission specialists have expressed.

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