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Interesting And Unknown Facts About Jack Ma

Jack Ma is the living example of Success. But he didn’t achieve success from first day. Jack Ma face lot of failure in his life. You can say that he was most unsuccessful person. But he learn from his failure.

He started his career as a tour guide. He was guiding people about the famous places in his city. He learn english from there. As there are less person in China who knows english. So learning english became more advantage from him.

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Famous Failure OF Jack Ma

Jack Ma had a dream of working in Police. He applied for the job in police. But he got rejected. As Jack ma had short height and less weight. He couldn’t pass his test.

When Mcdonald open in his town. He applied for the job. There were 23 people who applied for the job. Twenty two people were selected but he was the only one who got rejected.

He went to America. Where he saw a computer. He started to work on it. He was learning computer. He came to know about google. He typed “CHINA” but there was no much detail on it. He started to work on this. He created websites about china.

After that he was providing services. His services includes building websites for companies. One day he came up with idea of building Alibaba.com. He gathered his friend and share his idea. They liked his idea. All of his friend gather money for website. And they started to work on this. Now Jack Ma worth more then 30 Billion USD.

After all those failure he is now most successful person.

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