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Fruit Chat Recipe Creating mixed fruits recipe

Fruit chat is perfect for health and it has perfect taste. You can use your own favourite fruits and make perfect fruit chat. Fruit chat has many health benefits as it has many fruits mixed in one bowl.

How they taste?

Well if you make it well with the perfect quantity you will have the taste of many fruits in one spoon. You will get taste of every fruit that you will use. How to make fruit chat well here is fruit chat recipe.

Fruit chat recipe video

Ingredients for this recipe are so less but making delicious fruit chat.

For this recipe we need










First, we take a bowl. Then add cream and coconut and whisk it well. Then add apple banana pistachios and almond and mix it well. Now garnish it with jelly and strawberry. Tasty and yummy fruit chat is ready now. Serve it chill.

Have a wonderful fruit chat. I hope you will like our fruit chat recipe.

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