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market square tower swiming pool

Market Square Tower Swiming Pool

Making unique building is now a days becoming trend. People wanted to make unique building so that they can attract visitors. In this race Dubai is winning because they are making unique buildings every day. But rest of the world is also in struggle to make Beautiful buildings so that they can also get a share in visitors. This place is known as market square tower.

Market Square Tower

There are many unique pools in the world. But have you ever seen a pool 40 stories high? Yes this pool is 40 stories high. This pool is terrifying to swim. The bottom of the pool is glass. The pool is on 40 th floor and the bottom of the floor is made up of glass. But don’t you worry about its complete solid. The pool is about 152 m high and its on top floor.

This building is present in Houston Texas. The glass of the floor is totally safe. It is covered with eight inch thick Plexiglass Panel. This Market Square Tower swimming pool is best for those who likes some adventure.

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