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zareen khan in ghagra choli

Zareen Khan in Ghagra Choli On Wedding Of Poorna Patel

Zareen Khan is one of most talented bollywood actress. Zareen khan hot and curvy body makes me fall in love with her.  Almost in every dress she looks damn awesome.  Zareen khan wearing ghagra choli and was looking wonderful.

But in this ghagra choli she is absolutely killing it. She was wearing Orange and sky  green gagra choli. She was looking pretty awesome and sexy in that dress. The combination of sky green and orange saree is absolutely awesome.

Zareen Khan have special body that makes every suit fits in her. Whether she is wearing western dress or traditional indian dress she completely rocks in both type of dress.

She was spotted wearing gagra choli in wedding. She was in the wedding ceremony of Poorna Patel. Check out pictures of zareen khan in ghagra choli in wedding of Poorna Patel.

Zareen Khan

Wonderful side pose of zareen khan

Zareen Khan saree style

Confident with her looks


Zareen Khan hot

Absolutely Killing it

Zareen Khan hot in gagra choli


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